Lee Hutt, All That Jazz

Gayle Levee, Raku

Liz Jorg Masi, Darell

Elizabeth Patterson, Window Sash Still Life

Louise Peterson, Lazy Boy

Lyn Asselta, Down A Country Road

Michael Stelzer, Gene

Madeline Daversa, American Pickers

Mary Ann Heinzen, Dock Of The Bay

Gerry Hirschstein, Expo Wheel

John Traynor, Self Portrait

Viktoria Majestic, Friendship

Gwen Marcus, Maiden's Dream

Marianne Kuhn, Snowy Creek

Matina Marki Tillman, Arabesque

Michael Budden, Reflections Of Venice

Maryann Burton, Donato

Michael Graves, Winter Meadow

Mel Greifinger, Bridge In The Sunlight

Murray Smith, Orchids In North Light

Michael  Keropian, Michael Dunn (Actor)

Michael Siegel, The Philosopher

Marlies Ihmels, Cherry Blossoms

Michael Scherfen, The Cavern Guide

Mary Jay Costello, Ocean Gulls

Marc Josloff, Man From Lupa

Madeline Meryash, Orchard Jewels

Melinda Whitmore, The Game

Nicolai Nickson, Prisoner

Nadine Charlsen, Tug On The Hudson

Nanci Frqnce-Vaz, The Wish

Walter Struck, Miss Sylvia

Heather Douglas, Bay Head Steps Ii

Margaret Dyer, Buckhead Diner

Joel Johnson, Textures Of Time

Paul George, Winter Dunes

Charlotte Garibaldi, Peonies

Phyllis Purves-Smith, Rock Outcropping At Swim Beach

Phyllis Johnson, Edge Of The Wallkill River, Ny

Mica Pillemer, An Allegory Of Time

Pokey Park, Frog

Peter Polites, Breaking High Tide

Peggy Rose, Suspensions

Rick Perez, Memories Of Old Shanghai

Rebecca Leer, Halley In Repose

James Brantley, The Basket Maker

Rita Kirkman, Prince Of Thieves

Susan Goetz, The Chocolate Set

Robert Schneider, Morning Meadows

Ronalee Crocker, Eight Onions,One Green

Ron Defelice, Ausable River

Rosanne Cerbo, Hydrangeas And Limes

Diane Rosen, Undertow

Roy Madsen, Prince Of Darkness

Jeffrey Rudolph, Fish Whisperer

Richard Weinstein, Maplan

Ryan Jacque, Mantling

Alexandra Marinaccio, Cove Neck Marsh

Anne Schlomer, 10th Avenue, Between 13th & 14th

Peter Seltzer, Absolutely Free

Marie Sheehy-Walker, Sheila Knitting

Sheldon Berkowitz, Spherical Spill

Sherry Camhy, Veritas

Rick Daskam, Saugatuck Reservoir #2

Soon Warren, Blue Crystal And Chinese Lantern

Rita Agron, Shaded Path

David Stanger, Susheela

Steve Scheuring, Nevermind
Steve Wilda, Lemon Drops
Arlene Lieberman, Centered
Lea Cogswell, Rene'
Chongsun Oh, Ambition
Susan Hope Fogel, Eucalyptus And Sunflowers
Stanley Maltzman, My Old Friend Iii
Susan Oreilly, Closet
Sharon Way, Howard, Crab Apple Branch October
Tanja Gant, The Offering
Joan Rudman, AWS, WPA, Vermont Monday
Ted Nuttall, At Ease In This Room
Ted Fuka, Rocky Shore
Thomas Torak, Man With A Cap
Tim Saternow, Park-West 24th Street
Tina Adamitis, Late Fall
Anthony Ventura, Beached
Tatijana Jacenkiw, In From The Cold
Thomas Adkins, Early Morning Dory
Tom Hedderich, Old Plymouth
Victor Mordasov, Morning In The Ballet Class
Stephen Chesley, Twilight,Slight Wind
Marlene Wiedenbaum, Wallkill Trees At Dusk
Rudy Colao, West 67th Street Studio
Walter Mosley, Swedish Cottage
Wendy Shalen, Mom At 101
Susan Weintraub, Misty Evening

© Copyright 2013 Hudson Valley Art Association, Inc.

Accepted Works 2014



Crista Pisano, Overcast Day

Howard Aaron, Rabbi Israel C. Stein Dd

Adam Carnes, Dissection No 2

Edwin Broussard, Catskill Autum

Alain  Picard, Glimmer

Rhoda Yanow, Yanow Rhoda - The Director

Angela Manno, White Sands Horizontal

Amy Kann, Transition

Antonio Masi, 2014 Winter

Irene Ade, Oriental Theme

Helen Rudy, Flowers In Bucket

Arlene Richman, Sitting Pretty

Ann Rosow-Lucchesi, Family Circle

Dorothy Lorenze, Fuel Fossil

Ron Mineo, Leatherman

Barry Woods Johnston, Faith, Hope And Love

Bart Pass, Julie - Studio Light

Betz Green, Tony's Back

William Hosner, Cabo De Penas

William Dodge, Along The Park

Barbara Williams, Trail Dog

Brian Keeler, Above The Mansards, Stonington, Maine

Frank Bruckmann, Summer Brunch

Benjamin Shamback, Orchids On Yellow With Green Footed Bowl

Bulent Turan, Onions On The Door

John Caggiano, Down The Road Apiece

Caitlin Pautler, Three Nests

Carol Foerster, Captured!

Cynthia Crier, Complexities Of Spring

Michael Bignell, 8th Ave. Gridlock

Christine Ivers, Hurry Up And Wait

Cristine Kossow, Snapper On Ice

Claudia Post, Albert Et La Chienne

Clive Tyler, Aspen Fall

Elana Hagler, Strata

Carol Harrison, Old Camping Pals

Christopher Smith, Perfectly Naked Tryptich

Carl Larson, George

Deborah Lazar, East Putney Brook, Putney, Vt

Daniel Marsula, Winter

David Jamieson, Nose Job

David Shupe, Arco

Diane Chandler, Amidst The Ruins

Dennis Angel, Homage To Leonardo

Diana De Santis, Mei Iii

Deborah Leber, Lenape Park

Don Taylor, Melk Abbey

Dot Bunn, Ode To The Pre-Raphaelites

Doug Safranek, The Brass Ring

Eleanora Grace, Skyla

Margaret Farrell Bruno, End Of Day, Yosemite

Eileen Eder, Winter's Day

Elaine Hahn, Sparkle

Ellen Kier, Long Shadows

Rob Gregoretti, Moonlit Soul Healer

Elaine Reed, Summer Morning, Nj Meadowlands

Shauna Shane, First Color

Dawn Secord, After The Ride

Michael Garland, View From West Point

Gary Hoff, Peonies

George Bumann, Height Of Spring

Marianne Fyda, Waiting

Grace Schlesier, Schlesier Grace

Grace Kim, Dragon Fruit

Gregory Stulting, Ogunquit Summer

Helen Stutz, Dawn I

Harold Kalmus, Wishbone

Samuel Hoffman, Dockside, New Orleans

Mark Hough, Mater Gratiae

Hetty Easter, The Woodsman

Luiz Vilela, River Mist

Kyla Shackelford, Sawdust And Tinsel

Allan Gorman, A Nice Day For A Ride

Jacqueline Lorieo, Layla

James Adkins, Male Torso Study

Janet Amalfitano, Red Bridle

Janet Wentworth, Mother

Jeffrey Neumann, Sea Shell Motel

Jennifer L Hoffman, Earthshine

Cesar Jerez, The Swimmer

Jim Green, Cape Elizabeth #2

Joyce Hicks, A Way Of Life

Jamie Cassaboon, Crow #1

Jane Stoddard, Chain Gang

John A. Varriano, The Spiritualist

Joseph Grieco, The Whistelblower

Jerry Smith, Byway Ensemble

Judi Betts, Family Reunion

June L Maxwell, The Spool Box

Karen Israel, Apartment Life

Charles Ross, Early Morning Light

Kaye Franklin, December Snow

Kelli Folsom, Brass Bowl On White

Ken Hamilton, Forum Transitorium

Maureen Keough, Tea Party

Kevin Mc Namara, Cabins In Snow

Seunghwui Koo, No Place To Go

Larry  Mallory, Hookroller Included

Lea Colie Wight, So Far

Geoffrey Leckie, The Fish Market, Rialto, Venice


*Our Board Members would like to thank all of the artist for your input of works in this years show. We hope everyone can make it to our new gallery location at the Salmagundi Club. We hope to see you again in next years show.

The Gold Medal of Honor, designed by Pietro Montana in 1952, may be awarded in any media by the HVAA Board of Directors.

HVAA holds an annual exhibition of oils, aqua media, pastels, graphics and sculpture in the Exhibition Galleries of invitational associations. The show is open to non-members as well as members. Awards totaling approximately $10,000 are given for meritorious works. Artist members of the Board of Directors select from non-member exhibitors whose work is outstanding and an invitation is extended to them for membership.

No forms of distorted paintings are accepted by the Hudson Valley Art Association at their exhibitions as it is the aim of the Association to preserve and encourage the character, knowledge, craftsmanship and respect for natural form, color and design which distinguish fine painting and sculpture. It is this dedication, which is symbolized by the sculpture on the home page “The Torchbearers” by Anna Hyatt Huntington, whose works are indeed exemplary of the organization’s high ideals.

Jury Statement:

The artwork should reflect a strong technical skill within the accepted practices of the medium as well as a use of material that is respectful of the subject matter. The work should be an original representational depiction of the subject matter, that is to say, of a real and recognizable subject. The subject should be depicted in an accurate manner.